1. Description of, its company, affiliates and websites (known as, its company, affiliates, and websites are a multinational technology website specializing in e-commerce, retail, internet, and technology. The site provides consumer-to-consumer (c2c), business-to-consumer (b2c), and business-to-business (b2b) sales services via web portals, as well as electronic payment services, shopping search engines and cloud computing services. It owns and operates a diverse array of businesses around the world in numerous sectors. These terms of use constitute legally binding agreement between you and, its company, affiliates and websites as of July 2020 for all users, and upon acceptance for new users. By clicking the “create account”, or accepted the privacy and policy button means you have accepted terms of use when registering on account, and by otherwise accessing or using the website, services, applications and tools; or as otherwise indicate on a specific site, service, application or tool

2. How works is a wholesale or single item marketplace where you can buy products in bulk, or single item according to what you need, and provide several services as per customer needs (legal services). It is a best and affordably price business platform. Producers, sellers, retailers and boutiques list their items for sale on, while buyers peruse over a million listings.


Privacy Rules, which shall be considered as an addendum to this agreement, are as follows: We need your personal data to provide you some services; we will most likely try to collect your data even if you do not create or be logged-in to an account. If you do not wish us to collect or process your personal information, please do not use or access We will collect any and all information we could potentially, technically and legally be able to collect about you; we will collect all information to the extent permitted by law, these include but not limited to your names, email, physical address, credit card information, internet protocol address, geo location, browser information, protocol information, referrers, device information and others. Your real name and surname could be publicly displayed and connected to your account. Other users could see some statistics about you including but not limited to your comments, reviews, your selected products, your registration date, your ratings, photos or content you might have cat. We could implement but not obliged to use tracking technologies such as cookies, tracking images and log files and we might use these technologies including but not limited to understand your interaction, to generate insights, for improving relevancy in searches, for customizing content available to you and hopefully to provide you a better more pleasant experience, of course with better and more targeted advertising and marketing whenever possible. We might share the information we collect about you to third party service providers, and marketing or advertising companies, but we would not sell your information; your information is valuable, we will for sure try to keep it hidden with reasonable commercial efforts, but we do not give or provide any warranties of any sort nor we shall be liable for damages if your personal information might be leaked, hacked or retrieved with or without our or your knowledge. In addition to simpler identification, we might also need your government issued identity cards with photos, tax identification numbers, social security numbers, business identification, business type, fiscal code numbers, date of birth, bank account details, credit card information, and any other identification or proof of identification such as business registration or constitution documents to be able to provide some certain services, or to remove restrictions for your account. By using you consent us using cookies, tracking technologies and even to hire private investigators. Indeed, we might but not obliged to hire private investigators, local consultants or detectives to or for situations including but not limited for checking up suppliers to ensure that they are who they claim to be. Some third-party services might provide us more information about you, including but not limited to background checks, demographics information and others. You also give us right to search you online and check your online presence, social media profiles or business website if we would wish to do so. We might use your internet protocol address to make look ups to third-party databases which for example could list spammers, robots, fraudulent activities and more. We could use your phone number to call you or give it to a courier or Seller who could need it for delivery or for asking you questions about customization, configuration or whatnot that relates to your purchases via. We could use your address to give it to Sellers so that you could receive packages. In general, we will try to release as little information as possible to third-parties about you because your information is valuable for us; but for example, if we are required by law, contracts or logistics we could release as much information as needed or asked from us. You grant us a right to share your personal information with third-parties without any obligations and compensation required and without any warranties or liabilities imposed to us, and you assert, agree and acknowledge that this is a risk you are willing to solely is responsible for. Furthermore, we might share aggregate statistics and demographics with third-parties. It is of uttermost importance that we remind you your personal data is indeed an asset for us; therefore if we sell in future, we would also sell and transfer your data to whoever buys, likewise, data transfers could happen if we buy other companies as well; we might transfer data to these companies that we acquire or if we merge with other entities, similar could happen, sure also in cases of acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution, reorganization, or other similar transaction or proceeding again we might share your information. It is also important to note that, its companies, affiliates and websites support staff can access your personal information from their specialized control panels. This agreement requires you to further consent to the transfer of your personal data abroad to any countries we might need, if you are unable to consent, do not use; we cannot provide services without you consent that we may move your data freely whichever country needed. We may process your personal information on a server located outside the country where you live. We will retain your data as much as possible to the extent permitted by law, especially considering we might need it for legal and fiscal reasons, we will try to keep it as much as possible but we do not promise keeping it; we do not make a binding promise for keeping or retaining your data, we could decide at our sole discretion, to the extent permitted by law to destroy your data. If you wish to withdraw your consent for us to use your personal information, you must close your account, but before you could potentially close your account, you must not have any disputes, problems, due fees, unfulfilled duties unfilled orders or obligations; otherwise you cannot close your account and if you cannot close account, you would not be able to withdraw your consent since you would have pending fees or unfulfilled obligations. Sometimes, we might have a legal basis to keep your data even if you request us to remove, delete or conceal it.


Returns, Refunds and chargeback Policy, which shall be considered as an addendum to this agreement, are as follows: Unless otherwise stated, in most cases, products can be returned within 2 (two) days of receipt of shipment. Unless otherwise warranted by the seller, the return fee is always paid by the buyer. However, if the buyer is returning an item that is not as described, that does not comply with contract, if the product does not work, or if the product is not suitable for its intended function then the return fee is always paid by the seller. If there is ambiguity whether the product is okay or not, then it is better that the seller and buyer agree in advance who shall pay the return fees before the product is returned. Before returning a product, and consecutively asking for a refund, always use the online interface at first to initiate the return process, the online product return tools could potentially be useful but not obliged to protect your interests; for example, the tool might remind you not to ship the item without taking a photo and video or without choosing a traceable return method. Indeed, when you send or ship a product, and when you take the photo of product, it is a good idea to include something of personal nature, including but not limited to your business cards, your proprietary labels or receipts that proves, you had the item at your hand before shipping. Some products might have different policies or requirements associated with them, as a Buyer you should read any additional policies that describe refunds policies that might relate to a product you might be buying. It is good to remember that there are many different types of Sellers and some might have varying policies when it comes to returns and refunds.

When returning items, always send with a return shipment option and signature requirement and insure the items always and use traceable shipment methods. Especially remember that in case if a shipment is lost, and if you did not use tracking, there will not be any return taking place and you will not be eligible for any refunds plus you will also lose additional money as you would have paid for return delivery. When returning items use additional protective pro-packaging whenever possible; i.e. put the packaged item inside a bigger package so that the package itself shall also be protected; always put filling material and enclose the packages, remember to mark fragile, place stickers such as do not stack, do not drop, or keep out of water signs if the product you are returning requires such extra attention.

It is a very clever idea and we strongly recommend that you to photograph and make video the items before shipping it for return also photograph and video your packages while the items are visible within the box, together with the box with proof of date and location where items were packaged whenever possible. When returning products always include the original documentation, any included certificates or warranties, info cards or stickers, certificates and documents including but not limited to that of authenticity, originality, grading or appraisal, manuals, accessories and packaging; return the products complete; you cannot send just a few pieces or parts back you must send everything back; include any supplies, parts or spare parts that might have been presented in the packages; include all the pieces, you should understand, agree and assume full liability if any item from original shipment is missing, when original shipment pieces are missing you might lose your eligibility for refunds or you might get partial refunds, decision made at the sole discretion of, its companies, affiliates, websites or the seller. If you tampered with the product, if you damaged the product yourself such as you dropping it when you open the package, you might not be eligible for returns. It is also important to know that anything that you retrieve or get via digital delivery, whether actively or passively, including but not limited to audio, digital Content, software, stock images, 3D data, databases, video, designs, digital cards such as those cards that include credits for or third-party services including but not limited to prepaid cards, game points or credits or top-up cards, electronically transmitted products or anything else that is accessed or delivered via digital upload or digital download or digital synchronization cannot be returned after purchase and thus not eligible for any refunds.

Gift cards, store credits and credits are not eligible for refunds. Event tickets, including but not limited for concerts, conferences, theme parks, exhibitions, trade-shows and others are not returnable after purchase. Customized, hand-made or made to order products, products with tampered or missing serial or identification numbers, personalized items might not always be returned or refunded, you will need to consult with the seller if they would be willing to accept a return or provide a refund, however if the seller made mistakes during customization, personalization or design then a return and refund could be possible at the sole discretion of All items shall be returned to the return shipping address provided by the Seller within the timeframe in which the seller expects to receive the returned item. Always hold on to all records of you returning the shipment in case we might ask for proof. If you request a return from online interface, you shall ship the item within 2 (two) business days of requesting the return; always include several photos, videos and tracking information when returning. The photos you include might be very useful if the sellers would request refund from shipment agents or if they had insured the packages from insurance companies. It is sometimes possible that a Seller might accept you not to return an item and issue a refund directly without you returning the item, this could happen for defective or items damaged during shipment, thus we suggest you to contact the Sellers before initiating a return process. Sellers should refund you within 7 business days of receiving the returned products or send you a replacement within 7 days upon receiving the returned products depending on whether you requested a replacement or a refund. Do not send back anything else except for additional protective pro-packaging when you return items; anything you might additionally include can create a problem. it is always a good idea to contact Sellers and ask about it, they might offer partial or full refunds in such cases depending on the way you talk with sellers, the condition of item as well as the mood of the seller at the day you contact them. takes a commission from sale of designs, products and services, and will not return any commissions when you make a return, thus it is most likely that the Sellers could reflect such fees to you when you would wish to return items without a proper reason. If a Seller does not issue a refund or does not accept you to return item, then you can contact and open a ticket in our system to initiate an internal control, we will do our best but not obliged to and not promise to ensure that we could solve the issue. Sometimes Sellers could also give you the option to select an alternative product from their product portfolio or catalogue, when such thing happens, it is up to you to decide what to do. Sometimes you might not be able to return items due to their conditions; such as totally broken glass, leaking chemicals, ruptured batteries and others which might not be accepted for pickup by delivery agents or which it would not make sense to deliver, in these cases first make photographic proof by taking the photos of the product, afterwards contact the Seller first and ask for a refund, and you can also ask us to step in and help, if it does not make sense to return the item, at its sole discretion might decide that you might destroy or recycle the item and Sellers agree that can decide whether an item can be returned, refunded or not returned or not refunded, no matter whatever they might have written, added or assigned to their product as their refunds or return policy. There might be a restocking fees for products that are returned to Sellers, unless otherwise noted, the restocking fee is set at 10% if you did not open the package, 20% if you opened the package (and note that opened or destroyed or damaged packaging might result in refusal of accepting a return), for returning products without any specific reason; just because you want to return you could return some items otherwise noted above (remember we discussed above that there are no refunds for certain categories and that the Sellers might have their own rules and conditions that governs the returns and refunds), the restocking fee does not apply to you if you are returned products that are not as described or those products that were damaged when they arrived to you, but remember you might need to prove such conditions so always take several photos including overall photos as well as close photos as evidence in case needed.

Finally, Sellers could require you to provide additional data or personal information or your account identification numbers in order to be able to make a return or refund. For any and all services that are provided by itself, there are no returns or refunds possible, this include but not limited to requests for refunds of commissions, pro-rate fees for account termination, and any other fee you could imagine; does not refund any fees at any point, also you agree and state that if Sellers do not refund your fees, you will not take action against, its company, affiliates or websites legal or otherwise, and you acknowledge and agree this risk and you assume full liability for it.

If you are a Seller, and if you did not add or assigned your own refund and return policy to a design, product or service than you agree to be completely bound by refund policies as noted here, furthermore regardless of your own policies, in case of issues or problems you give the authority to decide whether a refund or return would be possible, the decisions to made at the sole discretion of It is also our duty to remind you that based on the country of residence of buyers, buyers might have additional rights to returns or refunds, for example in Europe, buyers have the right to return an item within 14 days of receiving the item (this right does not extend to personalized or custom-made products and certain perishable goods, unless otherwise specified by the sellers, and yet again, digital Content, including artwork and patterns, are not usually eligible for return, also in Europe when buyers exercises their right to return an item, a Seller must reimburse all payments, including the original shipping charges they might have taken for the shipment but buyers are responsible for payment of the return shipments.) Sometimes you might make mistakes such as missing the deadlines to return or refund, we understand that this could happen once in a while but not always, at our sole discretion could grant you two (2) more days to fulfill your obligations to return, ship or refund products but remember that if you ship items later than required return dates, we might most likely not require the seller to issue any refund.

Finally, services, experiences and offers that have already been consumed cannot be refunded, under any condition. If we determine that you are misusing refunds and return policies against good faith such as excessive returns, damaging items in order to refund them as damaged, making false statements about product conditions and communicating inaccurate reasons for returns or similar, we might limit, suspend or terminate your account, and we also reserve right to communicate your personal information to any sellers or buyers you might have harmed. You are solely responsible for accepting and processing returns of your products and services; does not have any responsibility or obligation for processing such returns and you are liable for any refunds or returns that you do not make. If a buyer makes a chargeback which results in the reversal of a transaction, then you agree to pay all the chargeback issued by Buyers, plus all costs and expenses that relate to charge back, including but not limited to any associated fees, expenses or penalties or payment processor or credit card processor commissions, our fees and fines for processing charge backs, attorneys’ fees and other legal expenses, incurred by or on behalf of us in connection with the collection of any unpaid charge backs unpaid by you. You are not permitted to make charge backs; you must use our dispute system instead. If you make a chargeback for a transaction, and if we are unable to recover funds related to a chargeback or if we feel we will not be able to recover or reverse the chargeback, you will be liable to pay the full amount of the chargeback immediately upon demand, plus all costs and expenses that relate to chargeback, including but not limited to any associated fees, expenses or penalties or payment processor or credit card processor commissions, our fees and fines for processing charge backs, attorneys’ fees and other legal expenses, incurred by or on behalf of us in connection with the collection of chargeback. If feels that a chargeback is imminent or if a chargeback is possible, we have right to contact the Sellers not to fulfill your order; if a Seller fulfilled an order and you did a chargeback then we consider you committed chargeback fraud, we reserve our rights to give your personal information to debt collectors as well as reserve our rights to take legal action against you for fraud. Furthermore, if we have other payment methods available relating to your account, for example if we can access your bank account, online wallets, credits, digital payment methods or other funding schemes, you also hereby grant us right to reprocess the payment or withdraw chargeback amounts plus all costs and expenses that relate to chargeback, including but not limited to any associated fees, expenses or penalties or payment processor or credit card processor commissions, our fees and fines for processing charge backs, attorneys’ fees and other legal expenses, incurred by or on behalf of us in connection with your chargeback or the collection of chargeback without any prior confirmation, notification, alert or communication issued from us, without putting us into any liabilities and obligations. You fully understand, acknowledge and assume liability on the fact that we consider chargeback which does not follow our dispute process as fraud and that we reserve our rights to take legal and financial action towards you to the extent permitted by law. Sometimes payments can take some time to process, you also promise and are legally bound to give us time to process your payment; if you initiate a dispute process or escalate a claim via your payment processor or initiate a chargeback within these days during which your transaction might still be under processing, we reserve the right to either not-refund your fee or to cancel your orders or both as well as to ask you to pay any and all amounts plus all costs and expenses that relate to your chargeback, including but not limited to any associated fees, expenses or penalties or payment processor or credit card processor commissions, our fees and fines for processing charge backs, attorneys’ fees and other legal expenses, incurred by or on behalf of us in connection with your chargeback or the collection of chargeback. If you are a Seller and under a chargeback, you must help us to recover the fees; usually if a chargeback occurs via banks or payment processors, such entities will ask us to reply very fast, if that happens we can but not obliged to help protect your interests by asking you to provide further proofs or shipment details or invoices or statements within very short notice; your incompliance or negligence could result a chargeback to go through, which might jeopardize your collection of the money for any products you have shipped or services you provided; we remind you that we will, collect all chargeback fees and amounts plus all costs and expenses that relate to the buyer chargeback, including but not limited to any associated fees, expenses or penalties or payment processor or credit card processor commissions, our fees and fines for processing charge backs, attorneys’ fees and other legal expenses, incurred by or on behalf of us in connection with your chargeback or the collection of chargeback from you, and when doing so we could deduct any fees or amounts from the amounts that we might need to pay you, and furthermore in case you do not have any credits available at, then we will try to access your bank account, online wallets, credits, digital payment methods or other funding schemes, and you also grant us right to retrieve and withdraw such chargeback amounts and fees from your accounts without any obligation or liability from us without notifying you in advance or in any form. For both buyers and sellers who owe due to charge backs, we further reserve the right to terminate accounts, to initiate legal debt collection procedures, to publicly announce your debt status such as under a list of blacklisted entities and sellers, using your personally identifiable information, and you grant us all the necessary permissions for us to be able to do so, finally we can also send you solicitors, debt collectors and lawyers to your physical address as well as emails and communications related to such. You agree, understand, acknowledge and assume all your liabilities and risks in relation to Charge backs, returns and refunds. You promise to not to request refunds, charge backs or disputes from your bank, credit card providers, your electronic money accounts, online payment systems, digital currency accounts, under any condition; instead you agree to use dispute procedure and system, you can access at We like to remind you that the fee is never returned back even if a return is approved by Duty fees, import taxes, tariffs and custom duties which are paid to governments, local authorities or entities delegated by countries are not refundable in any condition.

5. When you initiate a transaction as a buyer you are entering into a legally binding and enforceable contact with the seller to purchase a product, an offering, an experience or service, and you understand, agree and assume liability for paying for it. Even if specific dispatch times, delivery dates or fulfillment information is noted for whatever you are buying, you might provide additional time and flexibility to Sellers at your own decision and liability, and can also do so under specific conditions at its sole discretion but this time without liability to any parties. You are legally bound by this agreement to notify upon delivery or non-delivery, provision or non-provision of a design, product or service, within the indicated dispatch times, delivery dates or fulfillment information, and in case you do not notify us, you acknowledge, assume and understand that your negligence and non-notification shall be construed as deemed delivery and provision, and you give all rights to your interest for such transaction, however, at its sole discretion, can but not obliged to nullify this term, and even if you might have forgotten to not notify us, we might but not obliged to, at our sole discretion give you additional time to notify us, to wait more, or to simply take action ourselves.

6. Likewise, the buyers must follow the same insights; here we warn the buyers not to buy anything that is illegal, lawful or ethical; do not buy anything that is not legal; just because you are technically be able to buy things does not make you eligible to buy, use or possess them, and we remind that you are accepting any risks when you make a purchase or access a Content so be very careful about what you are checking or buying. The following Content as well as any related activities, services and or products that relate to the following concepts are not only forbidden but also illegal, unethical, harmful: Child exploitation and abuse, harassment, pedophilia, bullying, defamation and threats, racism, harmful to others or related to self-harm, malicious and deceptive practices, rudeness, hate, spam, bigotry, terrorism, personal and confidential information of third-parties, illegal activities, drugs and any other context, content, product or services that does not feel right, and especially not allowed by law.

7. is not liable to any user if a financial institution fails to honor any credit or debit to or from an account. is not liable for transactions failed to process. When you make a payment to, including but not limited to wire-transfers or electronic money transfers, you need to be very specific for who you are and what you are paying for by indicating a “valid reference” so that we could match your payment to your account, “valid references” are (1) email address that you registered an account with us, (2) invoice numbers, (3) pro forma invoice numbers within last 30 days (4), special reference or order numbers provided to you by, (5) profile identification number or user account number, (6) transaction identification token or payment reference number. It is a good idea to include multiple “valid reference” as notes in transactions so that we could find out why the payment was sent easily. If you send us any money without giving us a “valid reference”, we reserve right to (A) Credit the amount you paid to any other account, person or profile at (B) Not fulfill your order, not credit your account or fulfill the order wrongfully by sending your order to third parties or entities and credit your account wrongfully. (C) Fulfill your order wrongly, by sending you a wrong item or provide you a wrong service or sending the item or providing service to the wrong person. (D) You agree, understand and acknowledge all the risks that relate to you not providing a “valid reference” when making a payment. You understand that you can lose your money, and not get any items, delivery, products or services in return. You agree and understand that you could have the wrong items, products or delivery or might not get anything at all. Crosschecking Fee: Furthermore, you also agree to pay to or have your account debited a 30 USD (Thirty USD) fee for searching your user account from the very little information provided in your payment. While we would, but not obliged to, assign a person to search and cross check for your addresses, businesses information and other things, you understand that we do not guarantee finding your account but even if we do not find your account you still agree to pay us an account crosschecking and search fee, plus the amount of search and crosschecking should be at the sole discretion of You agree to pay us any and all “Crosschecking Fee” that relates to your account. Furthermore, when making any payments, even if you make a “valid reference” for your account, in the causal you should indicate why you have sent the money; if you do not provide also detailed reference for why the payment was made, (such as by providing an invoice number or other notes that explains why the payment was made or explicitly the reason of payment such as in reference to an order number), then you understand and agree that we could just register any payment you made as payment towards account credits or gift cards. If you make a payment without having an account, you also explicitly agree to all, the company, affiliates and websites terms, agreements and conditions, and you also explicitly and legally delegate us to create an account on your behalf, but you also know and understand that we are not obliged to create an account on your behalf, and in any case you would be accepting all these terms and agreements when you make any payments. Furthermore, your obligations towards sellers or buyers would not be foregone and interest could still apply even if you paid the due fees or obligations but without providing us the necessary reference to apply or redirect such fees and funds to the relevant accounts.

8. Sellers as well as buyers, who might be returning items must follow good shipping practices that include but not limited to making sure that; all items to be very carefully and gently packaged, all packaging containing required warnings and labels such as for child safety, suffocation warnings, material notices as well as shall contain recycling information. Fragile products might break during transportation or shipment, always package fragile items with multiple layers of bubble wraps and ensure there are no spaces in the box so that the item would not move within the box, you might consider using protective pro-packaging (packaging of packaging) to make sure there fragile items are protected from external factors, always cushion items with filling material whenever possible. Liquid items must have double seals, and should further be packaged in additional containers with required warnings and labels such as for child safety, suffocation warnings, material notices as well as shall contain recycling information. Any and loose packages must be put in bags or sealed whenever possible. Give very special attention to items that might have sharp edges or those which could break and turn out to be dangerous; you will want to prevent sharp objects, fragile items including but not limited to razors, blades, glass pieces from harming recipients. When preparing packages, always use strong tapes and adhesives and close your boxes very good to ensure that box does not open during transportation. Remember to stick shipment information labels such as fragile, do not stack, keep dry, do not expose to sun or others. If you are sending multiple items, make sure you use cushioning and filling material between items so that items do not hit or damage each other during transportation. Products that are small should be included in larger bags to ensure that they do not get lost or damaged during transportation. Sellers might only charge additional packaging, package preparation or handling fees if such fees are already included in the final price. When you are sending back an item, you cannot ask costs for packaging material and shipment preparation and handling. It is good to remember that neither the sellers who ship the original item nor the Buyers who return an item have no control over how long the item would be in transit, but you all control when an item is shipped and both sides shall include a tracking code and make proofs of delivery, preferably with photos. Duty fees, import taxes, tariffs and custom duties shall be paid by Buyers unless these fees are prepaid by Buyers in advance.

9. We shall remind you that designers and sellers are solely responsible for any customization of their shop, including description, graphics and information as well as any liabilities, risks, direct and indirect losses and opportunities associated with this customization process.

10. While shopping on, algorithms may increase or decrease the prices of items in your shopping cart, furthermore savings or discounts applied to items in your cart might also be modified. In addition, the prices of items in your cart could be updated under many conditions; including but not limited to cases for example if you added an item to your shopping cart but then if the seller of the item increased or decreased the price of the item before you checkout and pay for the item, or in a case where a merchant has disabled or enabled a discount for a product you were going to check out etc. Likewise, many other things including but not limited to your profile and account details, your demographic information, currency rate fluctuations, and availability or item stock levels could affect dynamic pricing.

11. Price changes, product information updates and product image changes are not instant and can take time. Sometimes such changes could take really long time due to caching mechanisms. During that time, there is a possibility that a buyer purchases the product with wrong information or unintended prices. is not obliged to but could take into consideration such issues for cases and disputes. Both buyers and sellers agree that there is this inherent possibility of information not being updated due to the time required for the changes to reflect in the platform. Some changes can really take a long time; updates can take long time because some of our databases, pages and information is cached; cached content are pre-build, pre-calculated and pre-generated information that are static instead of being dynamically calculated or generated each time to save energy or computing resources.

12. In case of pricing errors, or if products are out of stock or if the seller is unable to fulfill the orders, reserves right to cancel any orders including but not limited to confirmed, processed and paid orders at any time without any obligation to you. Orders can also be partially cancelled in such conditions. Your sole remedy in these situations, as a buyer would be a refund to your credit card or payment method and we further reserve the right to add such credits balance to your account balance at If you are the Seller, you might still be charged with the commission fees and transaction fees even if the order is cancelled. also reserves right to, but not obliged to, not to cancel your out of stock or un-fulfill able order if there are other sellers at who would agree to fulfill the order instead, without asking to you for prior confirmation

13. is not a doctor,, its companies and websites is not a health specialist, or health institution, or hospital, or a pharmacy; always consult your doctor or the relevant health and medical authorities if you are buying any products, including but not limited to drugs, medical items, drinks or food with any potential, alleged or actual beneficial qualities, as a remedy, as a medicine, as a treatment, for fitness, for health, for wellness etc. Information displayed at is not enough to buy any such items, including but not limited to, items that relate to or used for medical, wellness, fitness, health, prescription, pharmaceutics, diagnosis and other purposes. You agree, acknowledge and assume all responsibility and liability when purchasing such products and you also legally declare and agree to withhold from including but not limited to, any obligations, fees, fines, damages, sickness, material and moral damages, direct and indirect losses, medical conditions, side effects or death that might be caused. If you don’t feel good, always consult a doctor before taking or purchasing any mediation. You agree and understand that, the company, affiliates and websites will not cover your health costs, medical bills, lost-opportunities, damages or fees you incur due to your medical condition or health status, even if such damages, fees, costs or bills arise due to your interaction with Does Not Provide Medical Advice.

14. The Contents of, such as text, graphics, visuals, videos, images, information obtained or provided by third parties, such as sellers or buyers as well as from licensors, and other material contained on the are for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, family doctor, medical specialist or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on Always consult your physician, family doctor, assigned medical expert or equivalent medical and health authority in your country before taking any health-related decisions. does not endorse or recommend any specific products, procedures, opinions, ingredients, or services that might appear at our side.

15. We remind you once again; many products can potentially kill you, even the simplest products, can cause death to infants, toddlers, children or kids. Never leave infants, toddlers, children or kids unattended with any product you purchased from, always provide adult supervision even when playing with toys and products that were originally intended for children or babies. You are responsible for all products and services you buy, and you are responsible for affects of all products and services you buy or consume, and you agree and acknowledge to assume full liability for your purchase or use of any designs, products or services, and you further agree to hold free from, including but not limited, to any liabilities, damages, obligations, material and moral damages, direct and indirect losses, fees or fines that might relate to any death, sickness, medical condition or undesired situation that might be caused by a design, product or service you buy or use.

16. There could be content, designs, services or products at that might be harmful to children, toddlers or kids, please report all such content and also just in case use parental control mechanism and protections, at your sole discretion, to protect your children, kids and underage people from accessing such content. Furthermore, never let kids, children or underage people from using your account not only for inappropriate content but also you are actually legally bound not to let others use your account.

17. You understand, acknowledge and agree that shall not be responsible and should not be held liable or accountable for, including but not limited to any misconduct, defamatory, offensive, criminal, illegal, unlawful or rude conduct of any designer, buyer, seller or user of

18. If you have any mental condition that might cause you to impulse buy products, binge buy or buy uncontrollably, you should not use; you are responsible for all orders and purchases and will be fully liable to pay for them. If you have any mental condition or lack of mental capacity that creates difficulties in understanding these terms and conditions, you should really not use; you are not permitted to use without fully understanding, following, acting in accordance to, agreeing to and acknowledging terms and conditions. If a person without the required full legal capacity uses, then, the legal representative or legal guardian of that person shall be fully responsible for the actions of that user.

19. 42 Minutes policy; when you make an order, make a payment or complete a transaction it is considered final, however we might, but not obliged to, at our sole discretion, potentially let you cancel certain orders or transactions within forty-two (42) minutes of purchase, with no questions asked.

20. Despite commercially reasonable efforts, it is always possible that some of the Products on may be incorrectly labeled; incorrectly priced or their available quantities may be incorrectly displayed. Buyers are obliged to lookout for mispricing; if the Price of a Product seems too good to be true, it is most likely not the correct Price, and most likely a pricing error. staff, relevant third parties or Sellers might potentially check correct Product Prices, labeling or real available quantities as part of their dispatch procedures. If a Product is incorrectly labeled, and or Sellers have right to cancel the order. If a Product is incorrectly priced, and or Sellers reserve the right to but not legally obliged to cancel the order. If Product was incorrectly priced by means of a lower price being displayed at than its actual intended price by the Seller, and or Sellers reserve the right to cancel the order. If Product was incorrectly priced such that a higher price being displayed at than its actual intended price by the Seller, and or Sellers might proceed with dispatch and complete the order without reimbursing the difference, or at the sole discretion of and or the Sellers, the order might be cancelled. If the pricing error is obvious and unmistakable and could have reasonably been recognized by you as a Buyer, as mispricing, or the Seller do not have to provide the Products to you at the incorrect or lower price.

21. If you do not notify of updates to your banking details, payment methods, or credit card information to avoid interruption of your service or subscriptions, may participate in programs supported by your bank, payments processor, or credit card provider to try to update your payment information. You authorize to continue billing your account with the updated information that we obtain.

22. You must not engage in unfair competition and unfair business practices, directly or indirectly, including but not limited to (A) Spreading of false information about the quality or characteristics of a competitor’s products (Trade Libel), (B) Taking actions that attempts to force your competitors out of the market or prevent others from entering the market (Antitrust) (C) In personification, trademark infringement, faking or passing off, to deceive consumers into thinking that they are buying the Product of a competitor. (D) Misappropriation of trade secrets through espionage, bribery, hacking, or outright theft to obtain economically advantageous information in the possession of other Sellers, (E) Causing or intending to cause damages to other sellers’ contractual or business relationships (Tortuous Interference), (F) False or deceptive advertising of Products (Deceit).

23. You are not permitted to create multiple accounts or alternative accounts; each legal entity must have only one account. You are strictly forbidden to share, rent, lease, sell, transfer, assign, and sublicense or give away your account.

24. You declare and acknowledge that you will be able to pay any and all amounts that arise due to your interaction with including but not limited to amounts you might be obliged to pay when You, including but not limited to; buy, order, request, pre-order, rent, book, hire, lease, including but not limited to; products, services, designs, workforce, properties and do any sort of interaction, business or trade. You further declare and acknowledge that you will be able to pay any and all damages, including without limitation all costs, fees, penalties, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs, expenses, direct or indirect, consequential or non-consequential, incidental or non-incidental, actual, legal, special, punitive, extraordinary, exemplary or any other damages to, Members, or any third-parties due to your involvement or interaction with, including but not limited to merely being an Member, creating an account, uploading or providing any sort of design, Content, data or information to You also declare that you are authorized to make national or international money transfers to

25. If you want the invoice to be made on behalf of any other entity; that is; if you indicate another entity as the Invoice-Recipient other than yourself, You hereby declare and accept and assume all responsibility and liability for such action; including but not limited to any and all damages, including without limitation all costs, fees, penalties, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs, expenses, direct or indirect, consequential or non-consequential, incidental or non-incidental, actual, legal, special, punitive, extraordinary, exemplary or any other damages that might arise due to you giving other Invoice details, to yourself, to the entity that you requested invoice for, to, staff, Members or any third-parties; you especially understand, acknowledge and assume full liability regarding requesting invoice on behalf of other entities, you declare and warrant that the invoice-recipient-entity that you declared un-objectively accepts, has knowledge of, and understands the legal consequences of such action, including but not limited to any issues that might arise with tax authorities. reserves its right to report and notify such arrangement to tax authorities, without any obligations towards you and without requesting your permission or informing you. Furthermore, the fact that you provided another entity as the Invoice recipient does not change the fact that you, yourself is responsible for making any and all payments as regular, as well as You, yourself responsible for any and all damages, including without limitation all costs, fees, penalties, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs, expenses, direct or indirect, consequential or non-consequential, incidental or non-incidental, actual, legal, special, punitive, extraordinary, exemplary or any other damages, to, staff, Members or third-parties.

26. Any entity or person who is not a Party to this Agreement has no rights to enforce any clause, obligation, stipulation, terms, responsibility or condition of this Agreement. The User is its own principal and not a representative and not an agent of Users, buyers, sellers, designers, members are not permitted to enter into any agreements, undertake or incur any liabilities on behalf of and are not given any authority or permission to act or take action on behalf of or representing

27. You specifically grant permission for to upload your personally identifying data, without your prior consent, and without your explicit permission, and without limitation, including but not limited to Email, Phone Number, Mobile Number, Internet Address, First Name, Last Name, Physical Address, ZIP/Postal Code, City, State/Province, Country, Date of Birth, Year of Birth, Gender, Age, Purchase History and others to third-party entities including but not limited to advertising platforms, social networks and marketing companies in order to specifically be able to target you for advertising, promotion and marketing.

28. If makes a payment to you, you agree to pay for any and all bank commissions, including but not limited to any international or national wire-transfer, electronic fund transfer fees or costs that could be charged by our bank or your bank or intermediary banks or banking institutions or financial institutions or financial service providers. In case of charge backs, reserves rights to collect from you cost of such charge backs plus a surcharge. Some of these charges, costs and fees could occur with delay, you agree that we could deduct or seek compensation from you, regardless of when such costs occurred or fees were paid.

29. may change its Privacy Policy from time to time, in our sole discretion, we strongly remind you to remember to check this document from time to time. It is also good to know that our automated systems could but not obliged to analyze your Content, including your personal data and communications to provide you including but not limited to personally relevant product features, customized search results, insights and offers. Including but not limited for security and analytical purposes, we might but not obliged to monitor your each and every interaction with to the uttermost details, including but not limited to crazy information such as; where you keep your mouse at, how you move your mouse, where you click or tap on screen, your screen size or device specifications, what you type and which sites you referred you to, your geo-location, your internet protocol addresses and more. We would like to remind you that we will most likely share all your personal information to meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request. We could also share your private data with others to avoid harm to or the general public. That all being said, you agree not to stalk, hire detectives or private investigators for gathering more information on, owners, directors, employees, Affiliates, websites or other members and Users. You cannot share private information about buyers or sellers with any third party with any reason at all. You cannot retain any information might have shared with you in any database or in any medium; let’s be very clear about it; for example if you are a buyer and we sent you personal information of a seller so that you could fulfill an order; you need to destroy and delete all the personal information of that seller once the order is fulfilled to the extend you are permitted or required by law; we know that you might need to keep delivery receipts, but you should not for example add these Users to your databases for any reason including but not limited to marketing, newsletters etc. If you want to build your database as a buyer, always include some document in your physical shipment that invites the Users to sign up or register to your website, otherwise you are not permitted to use any data we provide to you for marketing purposes and indeed we will most likely terminate your account if you engage in this behavior. Likewise, buyers cannot create procurement databases or “give me offers” databases; all information we share should be used only for the intended purposes and must be destroyed once they are no longer needed to fulfill the purpose for which we shared them. Lastly to repeat it once more, will continue to store archived copies of your personal information for business purposes as well as to comply with any laws and we will continue to store tracking information, so do not visit once you terminate your account to ensure no more data could be collected about you.

30. It is important for you to know that since we observe you and track your searches, interactions and actions, we could learn and gather information about you passively without you telling us about you directly; for example including but not limited to we might learn the colors you like, the products you prefer, services you love and we could guess whether you are married, have kids or living a happy single life based on what you buy, when you buy or what you search or any other type of interaction you have.


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